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Orlando Carpet Repair helps you keep your precious carpets longer than you envisaged and thereby help to reduce your carbon footprints. We offer an array of carpet repair services such as carpet dyeing, carpet stretching, carpet repair and carpet patching services that help to keep your carpet look fab even after years of use. We have been serving Orlando for the past many years and have established a reputation for our stellar carpet repair services. In fact, we are experts in repairing damage to carpets and no one will know you’re your carpet has been fixed.

We provide right from simple carpet repair services to complex carpet patching services. We have the necessary equipment, tools and knowledge to ensure that your carpet repair takes place without a hitch. Our technicians are certified and highly experienced. They also undergo regular in-house training so that they keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of carpet repair. You can rest assured knowing that when Orlando Carpet Repair, repair your carpet, the results will be outstanding. We support the Tigers of Jones High School 

Some of the carpet repair services we provide are as follows:

Berber Carpet Repair Orlando

Many homes and commercial setups like Berber carpets as they are durable and decorative. However, if the fiber of the carpet snags, it is possible that the entire carpet unravels within no time. This will result in a bare back carpet. Berber carpet damage can occur due to pets, vacuum cleaners, athletic shoes and even high-heeled shoes.

We provide efficient Berber carpet repair services so that the problem is not noticeable. Our hand weaving technique ensures that the yarn fits right into the carpet without being obvious. We always make it a point to use yarn that is similar to the carpet’s yarn. We can weave solids and patterns with ease.

In case the yarn is missing, Orlando Carpet Repair has the ability to provide Berber carpet repair by replacing the missing piece with a permanent piece. We usually opt for a piece from another Berber carpet and use epoxy resin to bind the section permanently to the existing carpet.

Carpet Patching Orlando

More often than not, carpet damage is usually confined to a small area. This does not mean you have to spend money to replace the entire carpet. You can depend on Orlando Carpet Repair to patch up the damaged section of the carpet so that it is not discernible. We offer exceptional carpet patching services across Orlando and have the expertise to fix damage like spills, tears, pet chewing, discoloration and snags. We can even patch worn out areas due to excessive foot traffic.

If the fibers have unraveled, we will reweave them. However, when it comes to holes, rips and tears, we use readymade parts of a carpet to offer superior carpet patching services. We use adhesive to bind the edges so that it is not noticeable that you have added a new part to the existing carpet. This way, we help extend the life of the carpet so that there is no need to replace it whatsoever. We provide carpet patching to homes and commercial establishments, and ensure the work finishes quickly and with minimal disturbance to your normal routine.

Carpet Stretching Orlando

With time, carpets have the tendency to become loose. This issue with your carpet can easily be remedied with carpet stretching. Usually, carpets get loose if they are not installed correctly. Installers have to use power stretchers to prevent carpets from getting loose over a period of time. If this technique is not used at the time of installation, your carpet will get wavy and loose. It is prudent to remember that indoor temperature fluctuations can cause the carpets to get loose, as well.

Orlando Carpet Repair has the perfect equipment to ensure proper carpet stretching. Our technicians have the training and experience to use the equipment and this helps to stretch the carpet correctly, without any problem.

During the carpet stretching process, if we find that the padding has worn out, we make it point to replace it so that it will last. It is after this that the carpet stretching is executed.

Hallway Carpet Re-Stretching Orlando

Loose carpet in the hallway creates a bad impression and can even result in trips and falls. You do not have to contend with this, as you can depend on Orlando Carpet Repair to offer outstanding hallway carpet re-stretching services.

Most carpet repair companies find it challenging to re-stretch hallway carpets as they are of a fixed dimension and have multiple doorway transitions, which are seamed. Thankfully, this is not the case with Orlando Carpet Repair, as we have the expertise and intelligence to provide superior hallway carpet re-stretching services.

We undo the doorway transition seams and then power stretch the carpet on all sides. The excess part of the carpet is then cut away and the carpet is once more seamed along the doorway transitions.

Carpet Seam Repair Orlando

If the seams of your carpet are not sealed in the correct manner, you will have a problem with the seam coming apart. Properly sealed seams can last a lifetime if they are not pulled apart. So, if you find that the seams are tearing, it is time to call in the experts – Orlando Carpet Repair.

We are experts in carpet seam repair and extend our repair services to residential and commercial properties across Orlando. You can rest assured knowing that you will always benefit from our exceptional workmanship and affordable prices.

With our outstanding carpet seam repair, you never have to worry about spending a lot of money to replace your carpet. You can get a no-obligation quote from us for carpet seam repair and you will see for yourself how affordable our services are.

Pet Damaged Carpet Orlando

It can seem impossible to think about life without your beloved pet, but if your pet scratches, claws, soils or chews the carpet your carpet’s well being will get affected. You can depend on Orlando Carpet Repair to offer the best pet damaged carpet repair services.

We have the right experience and skills to carry out the repair with ease, doing away the need to replace your carpet. Usually, pet damage is restricted and does not affect the entire carpet. Just call Orlando Carpet Repair Pros and our experts will come in to inspect the carpet and let you know how we will proceed to fix the damage.

Invariably, we cut out the damaged section and then fix a new piece using epoxy resin. This ensures that the edges bind permanently, and you will be unable to figure out that a new piece was added to your carpet.

If you do not have a piece of the carpet, you need not worry. We will cut out a piece from an inconspicuous part of your home, like the wardrobe, to ensure the piece matches perfectly to your carpet. If necessary, we will also dye the portions of the carpet that have become discolored due to pet accidents and your attempts to clean it. With Orlando Carpet Repair offering outstanding and cost-effective pet damaged carpet repair, you have no reason to worry. 

Carpet Dyeing Orlando

Over time, spills, traffic movement, exposure to sun and use of bleach can cause the carpet color to fade, making it look unattractive. Instead of spending time and money to purchase a new carpet, you can restore the color, or you can always go in for a new color so that your carpet looks new.

Orlando Carpet Repair is an expert in carpet dyeing and we provide you this service along with carpet color restoration for commercial and residential carpets. We offer a variety of colors for you to choose from. We will ensure that you get the color you want, be a new color altogether or getting the existing color refreshed and renewed. We have immense experience in this field and have the know-how to ensure the color is as per specifications.

With our carpet dyeing services, you can not only save money as you will not have to purchase a new carpet, but you can also give a new, refreshed appearance to your home. We can dye the carpet in the existing color or opt for a brand new color. We ensure that we use organic dyes that are child- and pet- friendly. You do not have to get worried about noxious odors. Our quick-dry carpet dyeing method ensures your carpet will be dry within no time and you will be able to walk on it without any worries.

Rug Repair Orlando

Seamless rug repair requires a technician to have a wealth of training and experience. We are proud to inform you that Orlando Carpet Repair has the required know-how and experience to carry out pristine rug repair. We can repair both commercial and residential rugs without any problem.

Rugs can damaged due to wear and tear, spills, moth holes, food stains, water damage and pet chewing. We realize that every rug is different and hence, we do not have one rug repair technique for all types of rugs. Instead, we select the repair method based on the extent of damage and the kind of rug you have. This allows us to repair the rug effortlessly.

We have the right skills and tools to fix tear and holes. We first identify the thread and ensure the color matches the original rug. It is only after that we begin to repair the rug. In case we do not have the color, we use organic and plant-based dyes to ensure we match the thread perfectly.

We also repair rug fringe. We can fix readymade fringe to the rug or weave the fringe base so that it can be fixed to look as though it is part of the rug.

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